PG Translation Services
PG Translation Services
  1. General

    The Contract shall be governed exclusively by these Terms and Conditions, except where amended in writing by the Translator.
    Communications by e-mail will be accepted as communications in writing.

  2. Parties to the Contract

    The parties to the Contract are:

    The Translator-
    Peter Gaukrodger, of
    6, Highfield Crescent
    DN9 2DF
    United Kingdom
    (Note: "PG-TS" and "PG Translation Services" are trading names of Peter Gaukrodger).

    The Client-
    The person or business entity identified as such in the Translator's Order Acceptance Form, who is responsible for issuing the Order and paying the Translator's Invoice.
  3. Contract Formation

    The Contract shall be formed when the Translator has issued his written Order Acceptance Form to the Client.
  4. Confidentiality

    The Translator will not disclose to any third party either the identity of the Client or the contents of any documents submitted to him by the Client, except with the Client's written permission (unless required by law).
  5. The Translation

    The Translation to be provided under the Contract is defined in the Translator's Order Acceptance Form. (Note: under these Terms and Conditions, the term "Translation" may also apply to English copy editing, or similar services).

    The format of the Translation is detailed in the Order Acceptance Form.
  6. Subcontracting

    The Translator may, at his option, decide to subcontract some or all of the Translation to another translator. The Translator remains responsible at all times for the quality and delivery of the finished Translation.
  7. Delivery

    Unless otherwise agreed in writing, delivery of the Translation will be made by e-mail to the address detailed on the Translator's Order Acceptance Form.

    Delivery is due by the time and date specified on that same Form.

    Delivery will be deemed to have been made at the Client's premises one hour after the e-mail has been sent from the Translator's computer.
  8. Invoicing

    The Invoice will be delivered at the same time as the Translation.
  9. Payment

    Payment shall be made by Bank Transfer to the Bank Account detailed on the Translator's Invoice. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Client will send the payment within fourteen days of the date of the Invoice.
  10. Copyright of original material

    It is understood that the Client holds the Copyright for all the content of all source materials submitted to the Translator. The Client shall hold the Translator free from any liability to any third parties for infringement of Copyright, where the alleged Copyright infringement is present in the source materials.
  11. Passing of Title and Copyright

    The Translation, and the Copyright in the Translation, remain the property of the Translator until the Invoice has been paid in full.
  12. Defects

    The Client will notify the Translator of any defects in the Translation within fourteen days of Delivery. The Translator will provide a written response on any defects so reported within two days of notification.
  13. Liability

    The Translator has no responsibility for the effects of force majeure, data transmission failures, etc. The Translator's liability is limited to defects resulting from gross negligence. All claims are limited to the value of the Order.
  14. Jurisdiction

    The Contract shall be governed by the Law of England. The Contract is deemed to have been made at Doncaster, UK.